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Amorφous, a 9-day summer camp, includes a variety of workshops that combine innovative teaching methods and methodologies of social sciences, economics, education and communication design.

From the 1st to the 9th of July, distinguished academics, passionate teachers and innovative designers together with children, students and migrant communities will try to understand and interpret the complex issue of migration flows in Europe: still fluid, without a consolidated form, setting at the same time new vital questions.


Design thinking, visual narration, animation, storytelling, round tables, along with an open air cinema and a comfort-space will create an alternative narratives’ patchwork in various spots, spread in the city of Eleusis.


Amorφous summer camp will also host an open air cinema session, with short documentary screenings. The summer camp concludes with an exhibition of the workshops’ collaborative outcomes.



The Context:

“Amorφous” (α- (a-) "without" + μορφή (morphḗ) "form") + the English suffix -ous) denotes something with no definite form and no particular character: something that lacks structure. As such, it requires a process of formation.


Thinking of current migration flows inside this context, interesting questions arise, which we wish to creatively explore:

Issues of identity and the notion of self.

The role and notion of borders: are they physical, legal, cultural?

The value and impact of sharing: Testimonies and personal stories.

Which are the narratives emerged by the media coverage of the issue?

“What if” scenarios and speculative design.



In Brief:

The summer camp is a part of Alien - international collaboration for education on migration. We work together economists, educators and designers to offer finally a project of social design course for educators who wish to teach on migration in the interdisciplinary teams. The aim is to encourage economists and educators for collaboration with designers.




Workshops: July 01-06 2017

Exhibition: July 07-09 2017





Peiraios 100, Gazi

Technopolis City of Athens

building of INNOVATHENS


@ ELEUSIS - in multiple places


Eleusis, town with a long history, a strong multicultural character and also a great cultural heritage, is the most appropriate place for Amorφous - summer camp. One of the five sacred cities of antiquity turned into an industrial zone on the 20th century and, for more than 100 years, its population is altered and continuously mixed with refugees, internal and external migrants.


Nowadays, festivals, associations, citizens along with Eleusis’s communities form the country’s newer cultural history, transforming the city into 2021 European cultural capital.



Important Notes:

1. Free registration to all workshops.

Due to limited capacity, registration is compulsory in the links provided under each event.


2. Registrations are accepted only online.

Please check our website, first workshops will be announced soon.



3. The workshops, the open air cinema and the exhibition will be held primarily in the city of Eleusis. The round tables will be held at INNOVATHENS - Technopolis, City of Athens.


4. Accommodation

There is limited accommodation provided by Eleusis 2021-European Cultural Capital. If you need a place to stay please contact us at alien@innovathens.gr




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